Space Pepe is a unique digital cryptocurrency that marries the cutting-edge technology of space exploration with the playful humor of internet culture.

Space PEPE

  • 1 B Total Supply
  • 2% Buy Tax
  • 2% Sell Tax


  • Phase I:
    1.Domain licenses 2.Creation of SpacePEPE 3.White Paper released 4.Connecting with our partners 5.Marketing Campaign

  • Phase II:
    1.Influences, AMA, Calls 2.Launch on uniswap 3.Community Giveaways 4.CMC listing

  • Phase III:
    1.Second Marketing Push 2.CEX listing 3.Banner Ads 4.Restyling Website


  • Unique NFT Collaborations: SpacePEPE tokens will collaborate with other space technology projects to create distinctive NFT collectibles, commemorating significant moments in space history.

  • Innovation Contests and Rewards: The SpacePEPE community regularly hosts space technology creative contests, incentivizing members to share unique space exploration concepts and win token rewards and honorary badges.

  • Support for Space Tech Education: The SpacePEPE community is dedicated to supporting space technology education projects, providing opportunities for the younger generation to learn about space exploration and technological innovation, and driving future tech advancements.

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